American Red Snapper Season Is Here

If you are an avid angler, you wouldn’t want to miss the American Red Snapper season. Even if you are new to fishing, you can still enjoy this type of fishing trip. For novices, the best method of learning how to catch a red snapper is knowing their location and habits. Familiarizing yourself with these won’t be too difficult given that fishing for American Red Snapper is one of the most popular game fish in the southeastern United States as well as in the Gulf of Mexico.

One of the first things you need to know about red snapper fishing is that the older it is, the deeper it goes into the water. They can be found in depths of between 100 and 500 feet. Meanwhile, younger snappers tend to swim in the sandy or muddy bottoms and in shallow waters. If you plan to catch the big ones, be sure to have tackles and lines that range in the 50 to 100 lb. class. You should also have a rod with a sturdy backbone and butt, and sensitive tip. You might want to include an alarm bell at the tip of the rod so you will have an indicator in case you caught a snapper. You will find a lot of lines in the market today, but, it is recommended that you go with braided because it is resistant to water and it has minimal stretch as well as sensitive.

If you want to catch a lot, it is best to fish in an anchored charter so you can quickly reel in the snapper. Because if not, the snapper might go down to the bottom once again. Use an enticing bait so you can keep the snapper around. A few good options are cut fish, pilchards, squid, and dead cigar minnows.

According to Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises, American red snapper season opens this weekend for the only 2 weekends of the 2018 year.  Come on down to the boats for the Gulf Stream trips.  This weekend you have the option of a 22 Hour trip Friday night or 12 Hour trip Saturday morning.  Next weekend the only option is the 12 hour trip Saturday morning. 

Weather has finally calmed down and fishing has exploded. Call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises for more details.

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What To Expect On A Deep Sea Fishing Charter

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If you have never been out “deep sea fishing” before, your only reference point might be popular TV programs like Deadliest Catch or Discovery Channel. For those of us that are “regulars” on the boats, part of the appeal of going fishing in the ocean vs. freshwater fishing is you never ever know exactly what may come up at the end of the line. Typically though, your day on the water is going to be much more soothing than what you see on those shows (and it ought to be!).

When you first get on the charter boat, find an area to stow your camera, water and other gear. Avoid putting your things directly on the deck. The deck gets wet, and the crew and other anglers require room to pass. Go sign in on the ship’s manifest. Introduce yourself to the team and find out their names. When you catch fish later, a deckhand will come get it off the hook for you and ask you exactly what bag to put it in. Experienced anglers usually catch more fish, however ANY INDIVIDUAL can get lucky and catch that big fish. Tackle is provide so no need to bring it on board.

As soon as the charter fishing boat gets underway, the captain will either come out on deck or speak over the intercom. Pay attention to exactly what he’s stating. The captain will inform you where all the safety equipment is stored, provide you a concept of exactly what to anticipate for the day, and inform you how to rig up. If you do not capture all of it, don’t think twice to ask a team member. On a one day journey or less, expect to ride 30 minutes to an hour to the fishing grounds. During this time, a deckhand will be setting up the rental gear and providing a quick Fishing 101 class on ways to use it. Please pay attention. Each boat may have somewhat different rules/norms, and this is where you will find out what they are. The team wants you to catch fish and have fun, so it’s in your best interest to listen and act appropriately.

Once you get out to the fishing grounds, continue to be calm. Locate an open spot on the rail and await the captain to say it’s time to drop lines. If you drop early, typically, the boat is still settling into the area and you’ll either get tangled up or have to reel in and reset anyway. Be calm and wait for the greenlight. If the bait is squid, don’t hesitate to bait your hook early. If the bait is live fish (typically sardines or anchovies), do not take it out of the handwell till you prepare to fish. You desire a lively fish at the end of your line to draw in the target fish to bite. If you bait your hook early and let it hang on the line, it isn’t going to last long and won’t be an attractive bait. Once you are fishing, if using squid (live or dead) you don’t have to alter your bait till it’s gone. If the bait is live fish, try to feel it at the end of your line wiggling. If it isn’t active, draw in and pin on a new bait.

When the fishing day is done and the trip back to base begins, a deckhand will state it’s time to pull in all the lines. The weigh in is an enjoyable time to see what everyone else caught, and take pictures. Have that camera or mobile phone ready. When the weigh in is done, the crew will begin cutting fish. It’s a smart idea to let the crew cut your fish for you. You have some choices in how they can cut the fish for you.

Those are the fundamentals. Clearly, there is far more to learn, however if you pay attention to the team and follow what they state, you’ll do simply fine. Enjoy!

Leading pointers:

  • Pay attention to the captain and team
  • If fishing with live fish for bait, change your bait frequently
  • Keep the right mindset. Not every time out is going to result in catching the fish of a lifetime. Even experienced anglers get skunked. Enjoy your time on the water.
  • If you having fun, tip your crew properly. If you tip someone at your local restaurant, why would not you tip somebody who helped you delight in a day on the ocean?

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