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August 7, 2018 – The rain finally stopped and Capt Greg was able to take the Super Voyager III out Saturday.  The seas were calm and fishing was spectacular.  He filled all the boxes with fish.  Offshore trolling for King Mackerel has been a big hit.  Out on the blue water, the offshore trolling with rigged ballyhoo was excellent for Wahoo and Mahi Dolphin.  1/2 Day and 3/4 Day charters are catching King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda and Sharks. 1/2 Day party boat fishing on Continental Shelf had a load of fish.  Plenty of Black Sea Bass, Porgies and small Sharks are being caught.  

July 5, 2018 – Calm seas in the gulf stream on Saturdays trip. Captain Greg had the Super Voyager out on an over night trip that filled all 6 fish boxes. The usual fish were caught … Vermillion Snapper, Triggerfish, Grunts, Porgies, Amberjack, several big Grouper, King Mackerel and Dolphin off the drift lines. With the ocean being so calm, the boats were able to stay on the fish for 2 hours at at time. Captain Larry had the Continental Shelf out on the 12 hour with the same results. All 3 boxes were full of fish. It seems the Gulf Stream bottom fishing has been consistently excellent the last few weeks.

The charter boat Voyager with Captain Justin had excellent offshore trolling with his limit of King Mackerel, Bonita Tuna, Amberjack and Cobia. The 1/2 day and 3/4 day sport fishing charters produced King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda and Black Tip Sharks. The party boat 1/2 day fishing on Continental Shelf and Super Voyager catching Black Sea Bass, Porgies and Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks. The dolphin cruises have been seeing lots of dolphin right outside the Little River Inlet.

June 18, 2018 – In spite of the East wind on Saturdays overnight trip on the Super Voyager III with Captain Greg, they had a terrific trip.  All 3 boxes were full with the usual Red B-Liner Snappers, Triggerfish, Grunts, Porgies, Cobia, Amberjack, Rudderfish, and Gag and Scamp Grouper.  Several Mahi Dolphin and King Mackerel  were caught on the drift lines.  Captain Larry ran the 12 hour trip on the Continental Shelf with a good mix of fish and full boxes at the end of the day.  12 Hour trips depart every Tuesday and Saturday at 7 AM.

The next over night trip departs Friday, June 29th at 9PM.

Sport Fishing Charters on the Voyager with Captain Justin crushed the King Mackerel over the weekend with Bonita Tuna and Mahi Dolphin mixed in.  

1/2 Day and 3/4 Day Fishing Charters are catching Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda, Cobia and Sharks. 

1/2 Day party boat fishing on the Starship and Continental Shelf has been very consistent with catches of Black Sea Bass, Pig Fish, Porgies and Sharks.

May 30, 2018 – Captain Greg ran the Super Voyager III on an overnight trip this past weekend.  All four boxes were completely full upon arrival at the docks.  The limit of Red B-Liner Snappers was reached.  They also caught Triggerfish, Grunts, Porgies, Cobia, Amberjack, Rudderfish, and many many Grouper, both Gag and Scamp.  Weather offshore was fabulous.  The next over night trip departs Friday, June 1st at 9PM.

Captain Larry ran the Continental Shelf Saturday on the 12 hour trip and had the same success.  Plenty of Red B-Liner Snappers and everything else.  The big catch of the day was a 50′ Cobia.  

Sport Fishing Charters

Captain Justin was out on the Voyager trolling offshore and had a great catch of King Mackerel, Bonita Tuna, and a few Mahi’s mixed in.  

1/2 day and 3/4 day fishing charters outside the inlet are producing plenty of Spanish Mackerel and small Sharks.  Cobia are being caught around the wrecks.  

April 30, 2018 – Captain Larry has fished the Gulf Stream the last two weekends on the Super Voyager with great success.  They crushed them Saturday.  The boxes were full of Red B-Liner Snappers, Grunts, Triggerfish, Big Porgies, Rudderfish, Large Sea Bass and Amberjacks.  Grouper season opens tomorrow, May 1st.  Drift lines are starting to catch King Mackerel and Mahi Dolphin. 

The offshore private sport fishing charters out at the blue water trolling … Wahoo, Mahi Dolphin and Black Fin Tuna have been biting very well.  Thew 1/2 day and 3/4 charters have been catching Spanish Mackerels, Bonita Tuna and Sharks.  The 1/2 Day Party Boat Fishing on Super Voyager and Starship have been catching plenty of Black Sea Bass, Porgies and Shark. 

October 16, 2017 – Captain Billy on the Super Voyager overnight 24 hour trip and Captain Larry on the Continental Shelf 12 hour trip experienced the best Gulf Stream fishing of the entire season.  A good mix of Grouper, large African Pompano as well as the usual mix of Red B-Liners and Porgies, lots of Rudderfish, Grunts, Triggerfish, and plenty of Amberjacks and Almaco Jacks.  Sport Fishing Charter boat Voyager has been catching King Mackerel, Bonita Tuna and Grouper on the 9 and 11 hours trips.  1/2 day fishing trips catching Spanish Mackerel, Blue Fish and Big Sharks.  1/2 day fishing on the party boats Continental Shelf and Starship catching plenty of Black Sea Bass, small Sharks, Porgies and Sea Trout.  Running Gulf Stream 12 and 24 trips until the end of November.  

September 27, 2017 – Continental Shelf and Super Voyager have been out to the Gulf Stream the last two weeks.  Offshore fishing has been nothing less than spectacular. Annihilating Red B-Liner Snappers, Grunts, Porgies, Amberjack, Triggerfish, Grouper, Pompano and Rudderfish.  People have been walking off the boat with full stringers.  Overnight trip leaving Sept 29 at 9 PM and 12 hour trip leaving Sept 30 at 7 AM.  Sport Fishing Charters available on Voyager.  Trolling offshore has been producing plenty of King Mackerel, Bonita Tuna, Wahoo, Black Fin Tuna and Mahi Dolphin.  1/2 day and 3/4 day fishing catching Spanish Mackerel and Sharks.  1/2 day fishing on party boats are producing good catches of Sea Bass, Porgies and small Sharks. 



Sport Fishing Charters

Sport Fishing Charters On Voyager, Starship, Long Line, Striker, Reel Work

1/2 Day & 3/4 Day Trips – Plenty Of Spanish Mackerel,  Baracuda’s, Bonita Tuna, & Large Blacktip Sharks Are Being Caught On These Trips.

9 Hr Offshore Trips – Trolling  & Bottom Fishing -Excellent Offshore Fishing Trips – Bonita Tuna, King Mackerel, Amberjacks, Barracuda, Cobia, Grunts, Large Sea Bass, Porgies, & Grouper Are Filing Up The Boxes On These Trips.

11 – 12 Hr Gulf Stream Fishing Trips –  Both Trolling & Bottom Fishing – Trolling – King Mackerel, Mahi Dolphin, Amberjacks, Bonita Tuna, & Cobia. On The Bottom – Red Beeliner Snappers, Grouper, Grunts, Porgies, Triggerfish, & Pompano Are Being Caught. Very Good Fishing Right Now.

12 – 13 Hr Gulf Stream Bottom Fishing  Boxes Are Filling Up With Red Beeliner Snappers, Grunts, Porgies, Triggerfish, Rudderfish, Pompano, Large Sea Bass, Amberjacks, & Grouper.

On The Drift Lines – King Mackerel, & Mahi Dolphin.Catching  Wahoo, Mahi Dolphin, Blackfin Tuna, Sailfish & Large King Mackerel.

12 – 13 Hr Blue Water Trolling Trips Are Producing – Wahoo, Mahi- Dolphin, Black Fin Tuna, & Sailfish. Blue Water Trolling Gets Really Good As The Water Starts Cooling Off In The Fall.

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Party Boat Fishing

The Gulf Stream Fishing On Super Voyager Has Been Outstanding. Captain Billy Reports Stringers Are Full Of RedBeeliner Snappers, Grunts, Triggerfish, Pompano, Porgies, Grouper, Amberjacks & Rudderfish. The 13 Hr Trips Have Been Excellent On Tuesday & Saturday. The Fall Is Right Around The Corner. The 24 Hr Trips Will Run Until The End Of October And The 13 Hr Will Be Running Into November.

1/2 Day Party Boat Fishing On Continental Shelf  & Super Voyager Are Catching Sea Bass, Porgies, & Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks. Fishing Has Been Very Good On These Trips.

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